I am disappointed

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I am disappointed

Postod Zika » 26 Dec 2012, 09:59

I am disappointed, today. Went shopping and it was very boring. Shopping for groceries is not fun at all. Always keep Shopping List in my pocket but it never fails, a few things is always missing, don’t like to say I forgot something. I never forget, just don’t remember, didn’t remember I made Shopping List. So, I usually get everything I didn’t plan to purchase. Remembered to buy something for dinner (was too lazy to cook today) and I got nice supper, very creamy cake for main course and cigarettes for dessert. No calories, no cholesterol, just butter and sugar. I am on strict diet.

On my way home I stopped in Department Store to get a couple things. Going trough the store I notice a big sale on mattress topers and decided to get one. It never was so cheep and was the new, so much advertised, memory foam. Never understood how the foam got memory (maybe I should put some in my had) and why it needs a memory? My mattress never asked me “Who are you?” Don’t remember You and never told me to find another place to sleep, but I am not going into that.

There were two different boxes with different prices. Carefully checked both and decided for more expensive one. The picture on the box showed very nice mattress, toper and beautiful girl comfortable laying on it. There was not a girl in another box.

Driving home, I was thinking about all the fun I’ll have tonight. Could you imagine my surprise when I opened the box at home? There was no girl in the box, didn’t have to dig in the box it wasn’t a needle I was looking for. Disappointment is not strong enough word and I was not upset, more likely I was ….but I am not going to use such words here. I am going to return that @#&* toper tomorrow, and I am wondering what excuse on the Customers Service they will think of. I’ll tray to have good night sleep on my old mattress with myself. My mattress dos not remember who is slipping in my bed and never complained. Neither am I.
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